African & African-Caribbean Design Diaspora Partners: iam:thenublack


In October of 2008, Graphic designer Gabrielle Smith set herself a challenge to blog about contemporary culture of the African Diaspora as a new approach to celebrating Black History Month in the UK. Through photographs, news articles, video, and profiles of young creatives – thenublack was formed.

It celebrates the talents of a generation born of African descent whose creative expression is influenced by their cultural heritage.

Although my generation may not have experienced first-hand the effects that many of those well known figures before us had on the world, I have hope that we're aspiring to be equally as great, as revolutionary and box breaking as they were and still are.

Gabrielle is driven by her passion for the creative arts to share with her readership the things that she loves the most about a generation of young people who have a rich cultural past – all from a creative viewpoint. Working as a creative in a professional environment, she thrives on connecting with young artists and being able to showcase their work online. With the blog coming up to its 2nd year since launching,

Gabrielle is currently working on curating an art exhibition to display the works of some of the featured artists on the site.