Experience the AACDD Festival Guide 2012 in another dimension

30.09.2012 11:01


With the help of Ludic Online, online software and web application division of the Ludic Group and AACDD Festival 2012 partner, the African & African-Caribbean Design Diaspora Festival Guide 2012 cover features a stunning Augmented Reality overlay showing some of the outstanding work by participating artists and designers.

Each of the images - alomst magically appearing to hover over the cover - links to a close-up and further information on the AACDD website.

You can experience the Augmented Reality overlay yourself. Go to your app store on your mobile phone to get the free "Aurasma Lite" app. Once installed, launch the app, search for AACDD and subscribe to the "AACDD" Channel. If you are using the Aurasma Lite app for the first time you will need to quickly create an account in the process.

Once you have subscribed to the Channel (contains 2 Auras) return to the camera view and point the camera at the Festival Guide cover. Voilá!

One page 83 of the guide you will find another overlay. Point the camera at the image in the top right to watch a video about the London Design Festival 2011.

If you didn't manage to get hold of a hard-copy you can download the AACDD Festival Guide 2012 PDF.

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