28.01.2011 21:57

Creativity is essential in Africa


ADA Nairobi 2011
ADA Nairobi 2011

Thursday January 20th 2011, the African & African-Caribbean Design Diaspora partner African Digital Art held its first ever event in Nairobi, inviting a diverse group of panelists from a wide spectrum of creative disciplines.

The #ADANairobi11 meet-up was a culmination of design professionals, creatives and students with a diverse range of talent and abilities. Creativity is an important component when it comes to innovation, technology, the economy and for social good.

The digital arena is growing and soon the demand to generate local digital content will push forward the industry as whole. How will we as creative professionals rise to the challenge? The #ADANairobi11 celebrated and challenged creative professionals to pursue their passion with vigilance, professionalism and respect.

Read the entire event summary on www.africandigitalart.com

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