A Techie In Love With The Arts

06.01.2011 18:32


Jepchumba is a digital enthusiast who works hard to combine her two loves: Digital Media and Africa. Originally from Kenya, she has lived around the world developing her interest in philosophy, art and technology. Founder of African Digital Art Network, Jepchumba enjoys studying how technology has changed art and culture. With a Masters Degree in Digital Media, Jepchumba has formal training in Project Management and Digital Media Production. In many ways she considers herself as a mad scientist. Always looking for the next upcoming project. She loves experimenting with motion, sound and various digital effects and techniques.

Digital Art according to Wikipedia is “… an umbrella term for a range of artistic works and practices that utilize digital technology.” Something which is fairly new in Africa – first and foremost because of the lack of bandwidth. The following interview with Jepchumba will hopefully highlight the fact, that African Digital Art is as diverse and special as traditional African Art has ever been.

Jepchumba, who are you? What are you doing? What is your passion?

My name is Jepchumba and I am an African digital artist and digital enthusiast from Kenya. I am also the founder of African Digital Art Network. I have a masters degree in Digital Media, and I enjoy studying how technology affects art and culture in Africa.
In many ways I consider myself a mad scientist. I love experimenting with motion, sound and various digital effects and techniques. The reason why I am so pass-ionate about digital media is mainly due to the fact that I have an entire laboratory at my fingertips. In many ways I am a techie with the heart of an artist.

Why is art so important for African communities? What kind of impact has an art community like the African DIgital Art Network on society?

Art has the ability to transcend barriers. It is a powerful tool for communication. There are many untold stories in Africa and art has the ability to give African communities a way to express and share their stories and experiences. Art, especially digital art, is also a form of ingenuity that often fosters innovation. Through creative exercise new solutions are brought to light which often help empower individuals to improve their communities. In terms of development art can be a powerful weapon to motivate, inspire and direct individuals towards change.

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