The Night of Truth

12.08.2012 (14:00 - 16:00)


Africa Centre
38 King Street
London WC2E 8JT


The Night of Truth / La nuit de la Vérité

The Night of Truth/Le Nuit de la Vérité (Burkina Faso, 2004): this thought provoking story takes place in a fictional African country during a day of reconciliation between the national government ruled by the Nayaks and Bonande rebels after several years of bloody civil war. Le président and Bonande leader Colonel Theo are scheduled to meet and enjoy in a celebratory dinner as a sign of their newfound peace. However, Colonel Theo and the First Lady share a horrid secret that threatens the hope of peace for their country.

For film director Fanta Régina Narco, The Night of Truth is her first feature film. Although set in an imaginary country involving two fictional ethnicities, the story speaks to African conflicts found in various regions of the continent, most notably the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. Narco presents a thoughtful portrayal of both sides in this conflict as well as highlighting the impact of war on women.

Running Time: 100 minutes.

Curated by Montré Aza Missouri, Department of Radio,Television and Film, Howard University

This event is FREE. Suggested £3 donation. To book visit

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