London Revisited - My Journey

14.09.2010 - 24.09.2010


Greater London Authority
City Hall
The Queen’s Walk
London SE1 2AA


Annette Taylor-Anderson

Emamoke Ukeleghe

Ima-Abasi Okon


London Revisited - My Journey

A multidisciplinary exhibition covering textiles, photography and fine art taking daily life in London as well as scenes of the cityscape as the main inspiration.

Annette Taylor-Anderson

Annette Taylor-Anderson’s series of three paintings in acrylic paint, Indian ink and pastel on textured paper looks at peoples’ journeys through their day to day life in London. Her two pieces ‘Train People (waiting for a seat)’ on a crowded train, legs tired from standing, trying to hold their place next to that person sitting down, hoping and waiting for that seat to be free. ‘Come on, we’re all thinking the same thing!’ and ‘Train People (squashed)’ Although I have a seat, I’m not happy sitting so close that I can hardly move. Too close for comfort’ tell a haunting visual narrative known to most of us, who have to rely on public transport for our weekly movements. In contrast, ‘Man reading the paper’ brings back the few moments of brief undisturbed respite in a local café occupying a small space of one’s own with a hot cup of coffee or tea and the congenial daily news to take one’s mind away from the exigencies of daily pressures in work. It portrays the vitally important role the London coffee house culture plays in the working life of the city.

Emamoke Ukeleghe

Emamoke Ukeleghe’s artistic work is inspired by her faith, family and friends as well as her own cultural background. She uses fuses colours, patterns and imagery from everyday life into her own visual language to tell her story and to induce an emotional connection between the viewer and her printed fabrics. Her body of work for the City Hall exhibition is based on the journey that many people make everyday to discover the city of London. Through the use of iconic buildings such as the Big Ben and overheard conversations, she takes the viewer on a visual journey through London.

Ima-Abasi Okon

Ima-Abasi’s work explores the ways in which the ideas and values of Le Corbusier have been translated into what has become known as the uncompromising look of inner-city social housing. Starting with Newton’s refraction of light, she substituted the prism with an archetypal inner-city tower block. Aided further, by notions of ‘Time and Space’, biblical scriptures and other found quotes, the architecture became an anthropomorphic edifice. The work is an exploration into the various ways of visually mapping the spatial and temporal values relating to the abandoned glory of the tower block and the remnants of its life and the people who live there.

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