CPH:Africa 2011

14.05.2011 - 26.05.2011




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A perfect culture clash -The first official Nollywood Film Festival in Denmark

Lagos and Copenhagen. You couldn't get much more of a contrast when it comes to two cities. The starkly different rhythms, sights, sounds and vibe of each metropolis couldn't be further apart. This is a definite clash of cultures and creative inputs and outputs, but that's what's exciting.

A a way to complement what will be Denmark's first ever festival celebrating Nollywood (Nigeria's film industry), CPH:Africa magazine highlights the differences, but equally, celebrates the clash of northern europe and West African culture by talking to a range of individuals who represent both the mainstream, the underground, or maybe just give their own personal take on what it is to be a filmmaker, an artist, a musician, designer or actor in a 21st century world, where Europe can meet Africa in one place.

The essence is film, with Copenhagen's Danish Film Institute taking on the programming of this dynamic festival, which takes place at the Cinemateket. We're hoping that within our pages, readers will be introduced to a vibrant, funky, aesthetic and exhilarating exchange of cultures.

More information on www.cphafrica.com

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