Beyond Form

07.04.2011 - 27.04.2011


Open The Gate
33-35 Stoke Newington Rd, Dalston
London N16 8BJ
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Edward Ofosu


Beyond Form, Painting Exhibition by Edward Ofosu
Beyond Form, Painting Exhibition by Edward Ofosu

The Exhibition

Edward Ofosu presents for the 1st time these new series of abstract figurative paintings, which came about through a sense of a deeper stillness revealing itself as the space in which our phenomenal experiences occur.

The female figure, which has a strong attraction force, is use only as a means to give a state of this place of stillness. Our eyes-only registers what is familiar in our experience, which comes from the past, and yet there are unlimited infinite possibilities of experiences, which can be seen as well.

Using the paintbrush and colors, Edward Ofosu tries to bring forth these other realities which we can embrace and use as a vehicle to transcend our limited view of reality. These striking images makes it possible to look at something in a different perspective and he hopes life as we see it can be seen in a different light and we can all meet at the place of no place, from where all is perceived. Together we can experience inner-joy and spiritual ascension into the absolute reality.

About the artist

Born in Ghana in 1973, Edward Ofosu is a self-taught artist. From the age of eight he knew he would be an artist. He wanted to paint as a career but was encouraged to study science by his family.

By 1997 he could no longer ignore his creative passion so started painting in his spare time. With no formal training Edward has learnt from magazines and other painters' work. He feels he should embrace his creative talent and commit to share it with others and keep working with what comes naturally. Throughout the years he has improved and acquired a state of inner peace by following his instincts and now desires to share his inner beauty with the world and convey the importance of communing with our souls.

His works are versatile and he likes to experiment with various mediums and forms of artwork. His works are based on realism but like exploring a more abstract style. Visionary artist Alex Grey and Leonardo Da Vinci have been his source of inspiration.

Edward moved to London six years ago and has taken part in group exhibitions. In 2009 he was a runner up in the Artist of the year award, organized by Artists & Illustrators magazine.

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