Africa Fashion Week London 2011

05.08.2011 - 06.08.2011


Gibson Hall
13 Bishopsgate
London EC2N 3BA


Africa Fashion Week London 2011

Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL) is an annual event involving two days of free fashion festivity, an extravagant fusion of African culture, fashion, style and music. Celebrating London's unique and diverse culture heritage, topped with flamboyant mixing of Western and African culture through fashion.

AFWL is an event for all, with hourly cat walks shows involving designers using African prints, textiles and fabrics from most African countries. Its vision is for it to become the biggest multicultural fashion showcasing event in London. Your one stop shop for all kinds of African labels. We are expecting numerous VIP guests from different African countries, with exhibitors from UK and Africa, top international African fashion designers, emerging African designers and non African designers who use a lot of African prints/patterns in their work. Furthermore, we will also be showcasing a lot of African models.

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The fashion scene in East Africa has seen a tremendous growth recently. Fashion showcases have become part of the East African social scene and several East African designers are now competing at the same level with international designers.

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